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scooter rental in barcelona    



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Cooltra, the scooter rental in Spain

Rent a scooter in Spain´s top destinations: Ibiza, Formentera, Mallorca, Barcelona, Valencia and Madrid. 

Cooltra is a Barcelona based company that already runs a fleet of more than a 3.000 scooters at Spain’s most touristic cities. Following the motto "rent a scooter and see the city with the eyes of a local", we rent scooters to everyone who wants to experience the city from a different perspective, beyond the one of a normal tourist. 

Having a scooter is not only a lot of fun, but it is also the most comfortable way to move within the spanish cities. Forget the hassle of finding parking, being squeezed in the Metro or paying expensive taxi fees. With one of our scooters you are flexible and free to go wherever you want, finding places you usually would not.

Our team is always pleased to give you useful tips to enjoy your vacations to the fullest. Let us help you find the best beaches, a typical spanish restaurant, the most popular clubs or any other information about what to do in all our LOCATIONS around Spain and the Balearic islands.

For more information about scooter rentals with Cooltra, please check our CONDITIONS and prices.

We also offer complementary services like scooter TOURS which can be for groups, personalized or private and many other unique activities like rollerblades or bicycles.

Cooltra has over 25 RENTAL POINTS in IBIZA, FORMENTERA, MALLORCA, BARCELONA, VALENCIA and MADRID. We also offer extra services such as delivery and collection of scooters in hotels, scooter rental service from the airport, ferry tickets to Formentera and many other alternatives that will make your experience even more satisfying. In Cooltra we work hard to give you a professional service and the best prices in scooter rental!