Covid-19 Measures
Covid-19 Measures
What measures do we carry out against COVID-19

1. We sanitize our vehicles and helmets, paying special attention to sensitive parts: cuffs, mirrors and top cases

2. We renew helmets more frequently

3. We increase the amount of single-use items (berets and sanitary napkins)

4. We review and adapt internal procedures so that our staff remains safe and with all the guarantees

Why choose Cooltra?

– To avoid infections, the vast majority of cities are betting on the use of individual vehicles, such as scooters or bicycles.

– Thanks to scooters you can avoid crowds and maintain the recommended interpersonal distance.

– In view of a foreseeable increase in the use of private cars, Cooltra will be your best ally. Avoid traffic jams!

– Feel the freedom to move outdoors, which after so many confined days is well deserved!

Recommendations for use:

1. Avoid touching your face while traveling, with or without gloves

2. Wash your hands when you arrive at your destination, with soap and water, or hydroalcoholic gel.

3. Ride alone respecting the interpersonal safety distance

4. As much as possible, try to wear your own helmet, mask and disposable gloves

5. Raise the helmet visor

6. If you are going to cough or sneeze, cover your face with your forearm

7. Do not use Cooltra if you were diagnosed with COVID-19 less than 14 days ago or had symptoms

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