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Milan – one of the most important industrial cities in Europe, a center of history, art and fashion of Italy and simply a great destination to discover. Let´s go through the top points of Milan which cannot be avoid visiting.

The city is combining a rich history of Roman Empire, breathtaking architecture of Gothic and Renaissance, the most recent design tendencies so it is very crucial to plan your visit to get, see and feel the best of Milan.

One of the most famous Cathedrals in the world – a masterpiece of 16th century is Milan Cathedral or Duomo di Milano. Its enormous size and plenty of incredible details will forever stay in your memory and heart. We recommend to get the tickets in advance, the cathedral offers different options for different areas (general entrance, terraces, roof visit, museum etc.). Definitely, it is great outside and even more great inside.

Take a walk in Parco Sempione and Giardini Pubblici. This is one of the oldest green areas of Milan, designed by Emilio Alemagna, has gorgeous green spaces to frame panoramic views and peaceful paths among the trees and calm little river. The place also offers Aquarium visit (free after 2p.m.) and guided night sky starry tours.

Continue with mysterious and breathtaking Cimitero Monumentale. A graveyard may not be everyone's idea of a holiday hotspot, but this is definitely one to check out. This place is a kind of open-air museum of Italian sculpture all major Italian sculptors of the 19th-20th century can be admired. After that be inspired by The Last Supper of Leonardo da Vinci. Thanks to Leonardo’s experimental technique, the fresco is famously flaky – but that doesn’t detract one iota from the experience of seeing it in the ‘flesh’.  

To experience Milan´s fashion spirit, your first visit should be at Galleria Vittorio Emanuele. This glass-and-iron dome with magnificent mosaics and marble floor ways, is definitely one of the world’s most glamorous (and oldest –built in 1867) shopping malls. Here you can find first-ever (since 1913) Prada store, Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Armani – and most recently, Versace – all have a presence, still the most of the visitors come here for the bull’s testicles, part of a floor mosaic claimed to bring good luck.  If it´s not enough – take into consideration Quadrilatero della Moda or DMagazine Outlet - a discount fashion shop on via Manzoni.

Football fans should find them out at San Siro Stadium. First built in 1925, and expanded for the World Cup in 1990, now it is home to two of Italy’s most famous football clubs: FC Internazionale and AC Milan. Enjoy a match, a tour of the museum and stadium on a non-match day.

To experience a special gastronomic experience do not hesitate to try a Panzerotto from Luini. You might be tempted to call it a calzone, but it’s not. This hard-to-describe treat is a favorite with locals, who line up outside the shop year-round, takes its origins from further south. This essentially sweet and spongy piece of flat bread has a nice layer of mozzarella and tomato sauce before being deep fried. A perfect food on the go.

Still missing something special? Go to Milan´s Canals in Navigli. Yes, you’re reading that right. In fact, one of them was designed by Leonardo da Vinci himself. The Navigli district of Milan has two canals, and you can walk around much of the district without even seeing them. In summer you can take boat tours. Also find cute shops, small art galleries, and charming restaurants, interesting nightlife in this area.

Be aware, Milan is big and wonderful, you might become lost in organizing your time and energy to see at least some part of its greatness. For moving around easily and fast we recommend you to think about hiring a scooter. Feel the freedom of moving around wherever you want and whenever you want, no schedules, no tickets and great views.

Reserve your scooter in Milan and be prepared to see more than the others. Book online or go directly to Cooltra Shop Milan at Viale Zara, 58, 20124.

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Still have some questions or doubts – contact us via or calling +34 937066912 (24/7).

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Designed by Cooltra: top 10 hot spots in Milan, attractions, descriptions, guidelines and cool design :)  

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