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Scooter rental in Málaga

Thinking of a perfect holiday at the Costa del Sol? Cooltra makes it easier for you with its scooter rental in Malaga so you can explore all the best beaches of southern Spain without limits.

One of the main tourist attractions of the Costa del Sol is its beach side. In the city of Malaga, you will find fantastic urban beaches with a lot of attractions, such as La Playa de La Malagueta or Playa del Palo, which you can reach easily with your Cooltra scooter avoiding traffic jams and typical parking problems of the high season. However, during the summer these beaches tend to be full of people, so you can move to other beaches located on the outskirts of the city. For this reason, to rent a scooter is the best transportation alternative as you can quickly reach any place you want.

Above that, the old town invites you to discover its historic buildings and to go through its streets, such as Alcazabilla which is a perfect place to get to know the culture of Malaga and to visit the Picasso Museum, the Roman Theater, and the Albéniz. There are also different tourist routes in the historic center of the city, so if you have a scooter you can easily move through its narrow streets with a total freedom and see all the secrets that the city hides.

Renting a scooter in Cooltra is very simple. You can book it online and make sure you do not worry about the availability during your next vacation. Roadside assistance, all-risk insurance with franchise and a helmet are already included in the price. Additionally, we offer extras to make your trip safer and easier, check them out in step 3 of your reservation once you have chosen the model of your scooter.

Enjoy the freedom that a scooter gives you and discover all the places that a conventional tourist cannot access in an easy and comfortable way.

If you're looking for the most interesting and most famous food bars in Malaga, our Cooltra team will be happy to recommend the best ones, do not hesitate to ask us anything you want!

Do you have more questions? Call us (+34) 93 706 69 12 or send an email to  and we will give you the answers.


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