Renting for business


Do you need a scooter for your company? Hire our renting service.


If you are self-employed, small or medium-sized enterprise or a big company, in Cooltra we offer services of scooter renting for business.


We perfectly know how important is to rely on a fleet in good conditions for developing your business with excellence and for making your clients happy. For this reason, we have designed two types of long-term mobility solutions: flexible renting and fixed renting so that the only thing you take care of is providing the best service.


In Cooltra we operate a fleet of more than 4.000 motorbikes which provide services of food delivery, courier services, insurance and maintenance, among many other sectors. Each company, according to the type of activity, mileage, local climate and other factors, prefers different type of scooter and contract.  With more than 12 years of experience in the market we define ourselves as a European leader company in mobility solutions on two wheels.


All-risk insurance with franchise

Revisions and maintenance

Roadside assistance


Electric scooters


We have agreements with the main gasoline motorbike manufacturers such as Peugeot, Yamaha, Honda and electric motorbike manufacturers such as Govecs, Scutum, BMW, Zero and Askoll. In Cooltra we encourage the promotion of sustainable mobility. That is why more and more big companies and public entities are betting on electric vehicles for reducing pollution level in the cities.

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